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Machining is the only part that the company outsources.
The presence of several shops in the area grants short lead-times and competitive prices for machining (milling, turning, drilling, boring), more than what Forgia Rapida could do internally.
Periodical audits and quality check are performed on all suppliers, maintaining the standard of quality required by Forgia Rapida and its customers.
All forgings can be offered both as forged or rough machined close to the finished profile, with tolerances of +/- 1mm.
Our supplier are equipped to satisfy a wide range of requests that fits our forging production, from simple to complex ones. 

Machining capacity includes:

  • Turning of shafts with maximum OD 800 mm and maximum length of 5.000 mm;
  • Milling of blocs with maximum 2.500 mm per side;
  • Machining of bushings with maximum OD 1.200mm and maximum length 3.000 mm;
  • Machining of discs and rings (height or wall thickness depends on overall dimensions and weight);
  • Boring of bars up to 3.000 mm, even in case of very small bore required;
  • Machining of special parts using 5-axis machining centers. Special cases of finished parts will be evaluated upon request.


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